What you think marketing is vs what marketing really is

What makes a successful business? Is it wealth? Customer satisfaction? Employee happiness? If you could roll that all into one giant business ball and live the rest of your life knowing you did something great for not only yourself or your family, but for all of those buying your product as well as all of those making it. So if you just started your business and aspire to be all of the aforementioned, but aren’t sure where to start, that’s where we as a team at Legacy Creative can step in and help out. No one starts a business to eventually burn out and become another stack of hopeless investments and crushed dreams. Throughout time marketing has been a vital tool used by companies to insure their products success, whether it’s software or socks. Marketing can be used everyday, by word of mouth, product placement, or social media. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re marketing, “Going to see Cloverfield Lane tonight! Super excited!”

For most people, salesmen are thought as either greasy car salesmen or your average Facebook friend from high school who bought into yet ANOTHER pyramid scheme, thinking they could post their way to the top. Unfortunately for them (as well as the rest of us in marketing) it puts a bad reputation on the few who are actually in this business to help a company grow. Here at Legacy Creative we believe in a consistent plan, carefully thought out  and planned to completely adhere to your businesses target market. If you have a dream for your aspiring business, we have the tools to make that dream become a legacy.

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