Types of Social Media Content that Converts

Here are some tips for creating social media content that leads to conversions:

  • Shareable outside content. Here’s an interesting fact about Facebook: there was a 21 percent decline in sharing of “original” or “personal” updates in 2016. More and more people are just posting “public” content, usually consisting of shared links to outside content, or memes. Any social media marketing strategy must take this trend into account — a good way to get conversions from digital channels is by driving traffic from social media to your websites, where you can put up content that’s worth sharing.
  • User-generated content. Users/customers are often your best endorsers. Enable them to tell others why they think your company/product/service is valuable. If you’re worried about being criticized, well, even that can play to your benefit, as long as you’re quick, courteous, and customer-friendly in your responses.
  • Visual content. Social media sites are a visual medium, so maximize that characteristic. Include videos, photos, even memes, in your marketing campaign. Most people will find that easier to digest and share with others.
  • Interactive content. Remember, a social media network is just that: a network of people who are eager and willing to comment, like, vote, and participate in online conversations. Create content that drives a conversation, or contributes to it, through campaigns that incorporate interactive mechanisms such as polls or contests.
  • Positive/upbeat content. Studies show that positive content just plays better on social media. Keep your tone light. Try to shape your posts and campaigns around values that everyone can relate to — unity, empathy, love, hope, etc.

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