Why your business needs social media

Social media can be kind of intimidating, we get it. You write up this great status (which you think is hilarious) but it’s two days later and you still only have one like, which is from your great aunt in New Jersey. The key is to not take these likes personally, but instead use these likes as statistics showing what your users are into. Maybe try for an inspirational quote next time. Once you have an active social media profile, you will find yourself learning more about your customers. Instead of always wondering what your customers are thinking, and bugging them with surveys, they will willingly hand over their opinions on a silver facebook platter. And in the end, knowing your customer’s opinions on your product will put you ten steps ahead of your competition.

So which social media accounts do you need?

Facebook? Need it.
Twitter? Need it.
LinkedIn? Probably need it.
Google Plus? Duh need it.
Pinterest? If you’re catering to young girls and moms. You need it.


Social_Media_ProfilesSocial media doesn’t have to be scary. It’s all about sharing, liking, and posting. One big circle of social media life. And it all helps boost your Website’s ranking on Google and other search engines (score!).

Social media pretty much works like this: you think of something interesting, you post it. Someone thinks that’s interesting, they like it. They want others to see it and find it interesting, they share it. Others find it interesting and like it…and so on. If you can’t think of anything interesting, no problem! There are tons of articles out there, “top 10” lists that people love to read, quizzes everyone loves to take, and cheesy quotes on stock photos that everyone loves to share. Embrace it, be part of it!


You’re probably thinking, who has the time for all of this stuff? I have a business to run! Well there are a few options for you. Bufferapp.com is a place where you can link ALL of your accounts (for a monthly fee) or just three for no fee! And from there you make one status. Boom. Send it out to all of your accounts at once. You can even think of ten statuses at once, queue them up, and schedule them to send out automatically throughout the week. If you’re lacking in the creative department, that’s ok! At Legacy Creative that is what we do. We will write up statuses targeting your specific user base, and post them at the optimum times. Suddenly you are a social media god.

Most importantly, don’t forget to add your website to all of your social media profiles, and link back to your website in your statuses! You will get more backlinks and page clicks which Google looooves.

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